Assignment 10

The above invites are the last project we had in this class and I think next to the type as image project his was my favorite. The first invite has a more victorian look about it, I call it the “Ritz”. The second invite has more of a modern look about it and I call it “Clean Living”. I really liked the creative process for these kinds of projects , those being personal more intimate projects, they really make you want to do you best although there really isn’t a wedding, you feel that rush to get it perfect.


Assignment 9


This is my custom font that I based off of the Norse Runic Alphabet with some of my own personal changes. I really like this font for its strong thematic feel that it has, it will have limited usage because of its style but that is the same with most fonts for ages past. I had a lot of issues early on with this project because many of the letters and numbers were to close in visual appearance but I think we have solved that problem now. I have to say my favorite character is the H, because I think that is shows that unique style off best, and my favorite number is the 8, because it has a very fun and angular appearance.

Assignment 8

In this project we had to create three separate clothing tags, one for kids, women, and men. The kids tag is suppose to take on a more of a old time western feel to it, thats why the “jeans or bust” was a cleaver Idea for that. The second tag is the mens tag and that was to look like a tag for a pice of luggage to be sent to an expedition hence the message on the side of the tag. and for the women tag I chose to go with a more tropical island get away. I thing the colors really sell this tag. This project was perhaps the hardest because I’m not use to making the font be the primary design tool. This definitely challenged me.

Assignment 7

text_objectThis was my favorite assignment to date in this class because I always like these typographical images but now I have actually taken the time to create one my self. I chose the image of a wolf , which is my favorite animal of  all time, and chose a color scheme that would not only look like a wolf but would make the image pop. I ran into some difficulty making sure that the words were close together and that none of the words ran into each other. But even though it was very time consuming I loved doing this particular project the most.

Assignment 6


This was a hard project for me because I don’t like to use grids very often, but after this project I have a new found likeness for them. With in this project each of the above examples were all created using the same grid but just utilized in different ways. The enphasis  was on the different blocks of text being located in different locations form each other. Out of all of them I like the last one listed here. I just find the order easier to fallow, and although It might not have as much visual interest as the other two. I prefer to have all of the information I read to be in a very neat order that is easy to fallow.

Assignment 5

Hierarchy1This project was to help show the different elements of the poster take on new meaning  when you change the location and the size and color of any of the text elements. With this assignment I used a complimentary color scheme with the blue-green and the red-orange, I also added some white in there to add variation in the poster. I chose to use hard angles and sharp corners to help guide the eye and add interest to the poster. All in all I really enjoyed this project, and it has caused me to look at other posters to see how its creator is expressing the information given. I really like to see how other peoples minds work on such matters.

Assignment 4

alignment1alignment3alignment2This project was all on alignment, which is a very fun and useful way to show the needed information in an interesting manner. My fist attempt was a centralized alignment with some of the more interesting points in bold. My second attempt was a slitty skewed alignment which I really like, It is just so stimulating to the mind especially after you have read text books with a plan alignment. And for my last attempt I chose a concept on a more historical text like the Bible. The last one is my favorite.